In Memory of Daryl

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Daryl Wells, went by the nickname Bub, was born on April 20th, 1954 and passed away on Friday March 10th, 2017 at around 3:30 AM. He passed at Iowa City University in Iowa City, Iowa. He had just been put into hospice the same day he passed away. He struggled with many health issues for years already so put up a good fight right up to the end.
He had been in and out of the hospital most of the month of February so had been declining for weeks before passing. His health issues actually started years ago with a bad liver and then was diagnosed with hepatitis. He was actually cured of hepatitis as he was using an experimental drug which is a huge breakthrough for anyone else that may have it. Unfortunately he had it for years before becoming part of the case study so it had already damaged his heart and other organs. In the end it was actually his heart and kidneys fighting against each other.

Bub loved to party and was very social and had tons of good life long friends that he made through the years between living in West Bend, Wisconsin in his younger years and then moving to Marble Rock, Iowa in the mid 70’s. He also lived with his cousins near Greene, Iowa for a while before our parents settled in Marble Rock. Dad was always trying to make a farmer out of Bub. That only lasted a few years till Dave started the shop. Bub was their welder for years while they manufacturered Log Boss log splitters.

Bub loved to ride motorcycles and had numerous road and dirt bikes which started back in the early 70’s. He also had a passion for cars which included a 65 Mustang and a 69 Mach I Mustang. He was always the neighborhood mechanic and had a large garage where he worked on cars and bikes as well as stored his numerous motorcycles. At one time he had seven or eight bikes lined up in there.
He lived a simple life in Marble Rock, Iowa. He has one daughter Michele Wells and one grandaughter Kiara. Michele’s mother passed away in the mid 90’s when she was very young. Bub raised her from then on. He then met Pam and they lived together as a blended family for years. They liked to go camping but always stayed close to home. She also passed away years ago and he was on his own after that.

He worked for some 30 years in the shipping and receiving department at Sneider in Mason City till they closed up shop and moved their factory to Mexico. Bub was one of the final empolyees and said it was sad as he packed up the final items to be shipped to Mexico. He loved his job and we would spend hours talking about how they operated and what they could have done to make it better.
Bub never worked after that as his health was already declining. He spent his last years rarely leaving home but was always up for a visit. He loved to work on small electronics that people would bring him to fix. This included anything from antique radios to cell phones. He had an entire workshop set up on his kitchen table.

He always cherished his family and we would get together whenever possible. He will be missed by all who knew him.

RIP my dear brother.
Diane Wells Knoske