Good day fellow Wells Family Members. I’m creating this to give you some of the new ideas that came out of the last reunion at the Duck Inn Lodge 2015 in Prarie DuChien, Wisconsin.

1. To investigate the idea of finding a cheaper venue for our reunions.
(a). We were given the suggestion of Spook Cave as a centralized location for our reunions. Steven Wells scouted the area and found it to be unsatisfactory in part as the cabins were scattered and cost $200 per night, out of most of our family members reach, and didn’t offer any meeting space.
(b). Our new president, Jeremy Taylor, suggested that, “If we can’t find a place to go to we should set up a ‘time share’ account where each family would send money in each month so we wouldn’t be strapped when it came time for the next reunion in 2017.” I agree with this as it will make it easier for us to keep the current location.

2. Everybody at the reunion said they wanted a new reunion song and voted unanimously for Larry Tamm to write a new song for the next reunion.

More to come as time goes on.

The 2017 reunion dates are: 7/9-10-11/2017. Mark these on your calendar.

Vern L. Wells Planning Committee Chairman

PS: Feel free to leave your suggestions below and we’ll review them.

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