The Beginning Years

Welcome to the Wells Family Reunion web site. Let me begin by giving you a little history of the Wells Family Reunions.

  • 5/15/82 Clarksville, Iowa.

    The first reunion was a surprise birthday party for Harold Wells on his 65th birthday. It was hosted by Eleanor Tamm.

  • 8/3/85 Sac City, Iowa.

    Hosted by Eleanor Tamm at Hagge Park in Sac City.

  • 8/15/87 Clarksville, Iowa.

    Hosted by Eleanor Tamm. This was a “Hobo Party” in honor of Creston & Doris Wells on their 48th wedding anniversary.

  • 8/5,6/89 Toledo, Ohio.

    Hosted by Donald and Suzanna Wells at their home. The occasion was marked by the passing of Creston Wells at the party. It was a sad day.

  • 1991 Estes Park, Colorado.

    Hosted by Wilbur and Doris, (Tootie), Wells at their home.

  • 1993 Fairfield Bay, Arkansas.

    Hosted by Stanley and Shirley Wells at a private lodge.

  • 1995 Carpenter, Iowa.

    Hosted by Doris Wells and Eleanor Tamm at the Community Center at Carpenter. There was a tour of the old homestead at Otranto and surrounding area.

  • 1997 Sedona, Arizona.

    Hosted by Alice and Karl Sidinger at Don Hole’s Lodge North of Sedona. There were many sightseeing tours of the area by all who went. Donald Wells passed away after this reunion. We remember him with the “Royal Order of the Purple Shaft” and the “Hip Hip Hooray” cheer at every reunion.

  • 1999 Bent Tree, Georgia.

    Hosted by John and Bonnie Murray at their home. Bent Tree is a gated community 5 miles into the mountains from Jasper, Georgia. We were treated to a piano recital by Bonnie and her son in law. The view from their home was spectacular. This was the last reunion that Doris, (Tootie), Wells attended as she passed away a short time later.

  • 2001 Ellison Bay, Wisconsin.

    Hosted by Mike and Diane Knoske. There were many tours of the surrounding area. This is the first Reunion to have its own web site.

  • 2003 Marble Rock, Iowa.

    Hosted by Steven and Teresa Wells at their home. The “Wells Reunion Song” was initiated at this reunion by Vern and Phil Wells.

  • 2005 Rock Falls Community Center, Hosted by Melinda Johnson of Mason City, Iowa.
  • 2007 Onawa, Iowa

    Hosted by Nancy Morgan and Janice Johnson at the Onawa Community Center. This was the last year that we had the Wells Reunion Banner. Aunt Alice Sidinger had written a new “Official” Wells Reunion Song that we sang for the first time at this reunion.

  • 2009 Ohio,

    Hosted by Suzie Malanyaon and Suzanna Wells at a private resort. We had many tours of the surrounding area.

  • 2011 Prairie Du Chien, Wisconsin

    Duck Inn Lodge, Hosted by Diane Knoske. This was a very nice place to hold reunions.

  • 2013 Prairie Du Chien, Wisconsin

    Duck Inn Lodge, Hosted by Diane Knoske. it was decided to keep this location for another year as it was centralized for the U.S. and easy for all to reach.

  • 2015 Prairie Du Chien, Wisconsin

    Duck Inn Lodge, Hosted by Diane Knoske. It was decided to look for cheaper venues to hold the reunions as the current location was so costly. A committee was formed to look into Spook Cave area as a potential venue.
  • Each reunion is hosted by a different family, on a volunteer basis, in a different location so as to allow those families that can't make it to the reunion to attend when it is in their area.

    Many thanks to the people who donated their pictures to this web site.