30th Wells Family Reunion


June 12-14 2015


Prairie Du Chien, WI


The Wells family gathered in the Duck Inn lodge with 54 people in attendance.


The meeting began with the singing of the Family song led by Phil Wells accompanied by Sallie Tamm. The 2013 minutes were read.


We voted on new officers:


President: Jeremy Taylor


VP- Rick Knoske


Secretary: Teresa Wells


Family statics were gathered:


Deaths since 2013

Stuart Wells,  date unknown (son of Bill and Doris Wells)

Catherine Sarzen, Novemver 2014 (Daughter of John and Bonnie Murray)




Kylie Grace Wells Malanyaon born December 6, 2014 (daughter of Michael and Suzie Malanyaon)


Ayla Taylor born October 27, 2014 (daughter of Tim and Katie Taylor)


Ashlyn Wiseman born December 17, 2013 (daughter of Clarissa and Willie Wiseman)


Vern Wells was the oldest


Kylie Malanyaon was the youngest , 6 months


Nancy and Richard Morgan traveled the farthest coming from the FL Everglades.


Phil, Dave and Daryl Wells  were tied living the closest.


Financial Report by Diane Knoske:


Lodging per adult was $100


Food for the weekend was $300 ($5 per person)


The Royal Purple Shaft was awarded to Suzie and Mike.


Reunion Information for 2017


The next reunion will be held June 9-11, 2017. The location is to be determined by Steve and Michelle. They will look into a location that will meet our needs. If you have suggestions you can pass them along.

Phil closed the meeting with a song he wrote titled “Zombie School Grad” Thanks for sharing your talent!