2015 Wells Reunion Attendance


There were 54 people in attendance this year.


Suzie, Michael, Michael-Adam, Vincent, Nia, Kylie Malanyaon


Suzanna Wells


Rich and Nancy Morgan


Kevin, Andi, Devin, Riley, Clayton Wells


Jeremy, Holly, Chloe Taylor


Daryl Wells, Michelle Wells, Kiara Nelson, Sadie Aricky (friend)


Anthony Taylor


Keith,  Chrissy, Harrison, Addalynn Knoske


Rick and Rachel Knoske


Janice Johnson


Steven, Teresa, Anna, Sadie Wells


Jason, Carrie, Hudson, Devin, Teagan Taylor


Gary, Karolyn Taylor


Tim, Katelyn, Ayla, Landon, Hunter Taylor


Dave Wells


Larry and Sallie Tamm


Laura Wells and Ashlyn Wiseman


Mike and Diane Knoske


Vern Wells


Phil Wells