29th Wells Family Reunion

June 21-23, 2013

Prairie du Chien, WI


The family gathered in the meeting room of the Duck Inn Lodge and the meeting was called to order by president, Phil Wells. Phil led us in singing the “Wells Family Song”, accompanied by Larry on Violin and Sallie on keyboard.

 Family statistics were gathered:

o        Youngest: Teagan Taylor, born June 29th 2012

o        Oldest:  Vern Wells (70yrs)

o        Person who traveled the furthest to the reunion: Janice Johnson from Tampa, FL

o        Person who traveled the shortest distance to the reunion: Michelle Wells and Steve and Theresa Wells


·         Births:

o         Nia Elizabeth Wells Malanyaon (granddaughter of Suzanna Wells) born April 4, 2012

o        Teagan Taylor, daughter of Jason and Carrie Taylor (granddaughter of Karolyn) born  June 29th ,2012

o        Harrison Knoske, son of Keith and Chrissy Knoske (Grandson of Diane Knoske)

We sang Happy Birthday to all the new babies. Welcome to the family!


·         Anniversaries:

o        Nancy and Richard Morgan will celebrate 42 yrs.

o        Karolyn and Gary Taylor will celebrate 40 yrs

o        Mike and Diane Knoske will celebrate 35yrs.

o        Steve and Theresa Wells will celebrate 25 yrs.


·         Awards

o        Royal Order of the Purple Shaft was presented to Larry and Sally Tamm by Vern Wells

o        Host Appreciation award was given to Diane and Mike Knoske.


·         Election of officers, Vern motioned to keep all present officers. All were in favor.

o        Phil Wells -President

o        Nancy Morgan - Vice President

o        Suzie Malanyaon - secretary


o        Mike was voted as photographer. The photographer’s responsibility is to take Wells Family group picture as well as individual family pictures and send them to Diane. Diane Knoske will continue to collect pictures from everyone and put them into albums.


·         The 30th Wells Reunion 2015

o        We will return to the Duck Inn Lodge, Prairie du Chien, WI  for the 2015 Wells reunion.

o        The reunion will be held June 12,13,14, 2015.

o        Diane Knoske and Christy were nominated as the coordinator of meals and lodging for the next reunion.  Thanks for accepting this position! They will coordinate families to plan and prepare a meal so that this task doesn’t fall and any one person’s shoulders.

o        Vern will add to the RSVP options so that you can indicate which meals you will be present for.

o        A commitment needs to be made one year in advance with a $50 deposit.

o        Website

o        You can find information on the site, wellsreunion.com. You must put this directly into the address bar. You will not find it if you do a google search.


·         Financial Report

o        The lodge rental for the weekend was $3000

o        Each person who attended paid $100 for the lodge and $5 for food.

o        About 65 people were in attendance


Vern offered a moment of silence for all those who are no longer with us.


Phil entertained us by singing ”Yesterday”. He did a fantastic job! Thanks for sharing your talent…


Old business….

Larry brought the book about Howard Wells written by Eleanor Tamm for anyone who was interested.


Meeting was adjourned. See you all at the Duck Inn Lodge in 2015!